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Spectres by Ghostbear



22 March 2015 at 06:55:58 MDT

Aww, damn... I accidentially took down the wrong picture in my gallery.
So here it is again as a re-upload.
I'm sorry.

A picture of my three roleplay characters and (of course) my main fursona.
A Freelancer team in a cyberpunkish world, called "Spectres"

All done by the amazing  hahul hahul
Yay her ^_^


  • Daniel Cole (Cobalt): Sniper, Weapons Dealer. Friendly, patient, cool and dependable.
  • Sascha Jeretik (Ghostbear): Teamleader, genetically engineered and augmented Bear-Lynx Hybrid-Prototype. Caring, shy, cute and deadly.
  • Kaylee Parker (Cayman): Netrunner. Crazy, hyper, cute and sassy.