Hey, Sammy... by Ghostbear

Hey, Sammy...


18 February 2017 at 05:02:40 MST

"Hey Sammy..."
Lying on the soft floor after breakfast the little bear hybrid extended a paw to gently poke at the nose of his best plushie friend. He started off the day a bit more lazy, being weekend and everything.
But with all the energy he had, the seemingly unstill energy that every little kid seems to have, Sascha started to get eager to do something instead of lying around the whole day.
So... what to do with the day. The weather wasn't great, but at least dry.
"What do you think we should do today? Visit to the play ground? No? Hmm, yeah, you're right, sand's probably still to wet.
But what about the "Cave"? No? Too dark? Pff, I thought cats can see in the dark... Oh? Only at night? You cats are weird, ya know...
And treehouse? Yeah that's what I was thinking..."
Happily chatting and giggling away with his long tailed lynx companion, the lil ursine started to plan out his day, caught up in the world of innocent fantasy.


Adorable and cute picture, drawn by the great and super friendly   tropicana
Two friends in their own little world. A bit of harmless play pretend and fantasy... kids and their imaginary friends (or projected friend in Sammy's case)
Let's just hope they will enjoy it and always keep that fantasy :)


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    Reminds me of me and my teddy bear. :) Plush companions are awesome. :) Always there for you. :)

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      That they are. Even if Sammy isn't much of a talker :3

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        Their job is to listen and dispense advice when needed. :)

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          Absolutely :3 And soak up tears when needed