Bubbletea Badge by Ghostbear

Bubbletea Badge


9 January 2017 at 15:07:14 MST

So... I've done it ^.^'
After being in the furry fandom since 2002 by now ... I finally got my first MarciMcAdam badge. Thank you very much!
I guess that means I'm a real Babyfur now, after 15 years giggles

Naw, just kidding...
It's really adorable and I love it.
And I loved Bubbletea. The simpler classic stuff with just black milk tea and Tapioka Bobas or Taro flavered black milk tea.
None of the fruity stuff and none of the liquid filled algae bobas. Eww ^.^'
Sadly it's almost gone in Germany, thanks to a smear campaign by the media <.<

Buuuut it's living on in my little Bearkitty, happily slurping at his Taro flavered milk tea, sucking up the chewy Tapioka balls. :3
And it seems Sammy wants his share as well. ^.^'


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    Too cute!

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      Absolutely :3 And it only took me 15 years to order one of those :)