The green-eared bear by Ghostbear

The green-eared bear


8 January 2017 at 05:04:17 MST

kuraiko loves to playfully nom of my ear (well, in our roleplays of course). Since he is a vegetarian, I always tell him, that he can't do that. I'm not veggie, so he can't eat me.
But in Germany we have some delicious veggie fruit gums called Grün-Ohr Bärchen (something like green-eared bears), shapep like a little bear's head with one green ear.

So he just took a paintbrush, some greed food color and painted my ear green... declaring I'm veggie now and he can eat me.
(And of course our plushies are assholes <.< )

A funny, cute and silly picture, done as one of the Christmas gifts for my little brother.
I'm happy he liked it ^_^
Art by tropicana, thank you so very much! You really nailed it! Awesome!
Black tiger hybrid and white tiger plush Minoru: kuraiko
Bearkittyhybrid and long-tailed lynx Sammy: :Iconghostbear2k:


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    Poor guy has a green ear now

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    Hehe, silly plushies!

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      Thehe, yes o.O Those little rascals