Glow-in-the-dark by Ghostbear



12 October 2016 at 01:07:36 MDT

It was bedtime for Sascha, but the little bear-lynx hybrid didn't even mind.
During the last couple of days of October the temperature has dropped sharply and the cold managed to creep into the room at night, making it uncomfortable to sleep without warm clothes.
His favorite star pattered sleeper was already a little warm, so his step mum got him a brand new sleeper.
And what a great footed sleeper it was.
Purple, which was Sascha's favorite color with a multitude of differently sized stars on it... and cute pawprints on the foots. Thick and warm and incredibly soft. And comfy and roomy enough for the ursine cub and his (usually pretty thick) nighttime padding.
Additionally it has a number of little snaps, running down from the top, down the chest, belly and crotch area, right down the legs.
Ideal for a pitstop without having to open the whole sleeper...and therefor without getting cold.

But that wasn't even the best part. All the stars and the paws on the soles of the sleeper's foots were made out of a phosphorescent material ... glowing golden in the dark. and it even came with a scarf for his plush friend Sammy, made of the same material.
After having charged the sleeper with light, Sascha flopped down on his bed with a soft crinkle and switched off the main light.
Instantly the stars on his sleeper, the paws and Sammy's scarf came to life, starting to glow in a warm, golden light.
"Awwwww! This is great. Look, Sammy... all this stars! They are awesome.
And you know what? One day I'm going to visit all the real stars as well!"
Sammy, who was sitting next to the little bear hybrid seemed to smile happily at his owner, enjoying his glowing scarf, just nodded in agreement.

Heck, where can I get one of those? I would wear those in an instant :3
A wonderful and absolutely adorable work, done by the amazing sbneko sbneko
I really love it and your idea with the glowing sleeper was just awesome!
Thank you so very much! Was a pleasure to commission you again.