Biiiig Pokemon Trainer by Ghostbear

Biiiig Pokemon Trainer


18 September 2016 at 15:42:14 MDT

One of the last days of the summer.
Well, officially it was already fall, but the last couple of days had been warm and sunny.
Actually warmer than most of the summer itself.
The ideal weather to relax, chill out and play outside. Enjoy the weekend.
After breakfast...
Yawning Sascha rolled out of bed, grabbed his plush friend Sammy from the pillow and toddled into the living room in his nighttime attire, where breakfast was already waiting.
Wolfing down his muesli and cocoa he finished breakfast quickly. then directly got himself showered and into some fresh and dry padding.
Despite being a lil too old by now, he still had not really mastered to stay dry, so he was still crinkling about.
Lucky for him, nobody in his family or his friends really seemed to mind, despite some good natured teasing from time to time.
Rummaging through his closet he selected his favorite, soft nylon collar and a Pokemon themed hoodie.
Team Mystic of course :)
The young bear lynx hybrid decided to just skip pants and just go outside in his hoodie and pull-up styled diapers, he grabbed his older Nintendo 2DS model, a Pokeball toy and Sammy of course ... then he went into the garden.
Flopping down on the swings, he carefully set down his long-tailed lynx companion into the soft grass, placed the Pokeball in front of him to play and started up his handheld console.
Sammy loved Pokemon, especially batting around those shiny red and white balls. Cats...
Humming softly to himself, Sascha gently swung back and forth on his swing, smiling happily as the little Pokemon trainer battled his way through the Hoenn region.

A wonderful and adorable commission of my slightly older bearkitty, done by the fantastic sbneko sbneko
I really love the pose, the soft colors and how she captured my little Pokemon trainer, at the upper side of my cub age range (which ranges most of the time from 5 - 12 years old).
Cute, innocent and sweet... I'm so happy with the picture ^_^
Thank you very much!


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    Sammy is too cute here!

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      Kitties and shiny objects :3