Onesie Swaps! by Ghostbear

Onesie Swaps!


12 September 2016 at 05:25:21 MDT

What's an awesome way to show off a friendship?
Well, the bond between brothers, to be more correct. :3
Yes exactly!
Why not just change you fur markings and colors with those of your brother :3
Easy way to do that? Just do it like those lil guys did it?
Bug your stepdad every day ... until he agrees aaaaand starts sewing matching onesies ... just with swapped colors and markings.
And he even went so far as to add a loooooooooooong plush tail to my onesie :)
(and of course swap your plushies as well, they are already confused as they are ^.^'' )

But how the heck am I supposed to walk with that long tail?

Drawn by the awesome  tropicanaz tropicanaz with custom poses.
Thaaaaaank you!
It's really adorable. Now I want one for myself ^.^'
Black tiger hybrid kitty & Minoru ->   kuraiko kuraiko
Bearkitty hybrid & Sammy ->   ghostbear ghostbear