Ice Cream Hugs by Ghostbear

Ice Cream Hugs


31 July 2016 at 16:43:24 MDT

So canidas and I went to the ice cream parlor with our plushies Jack and Sammy, to get our favorite ice cream. :3
Den got cherry and orange and I got strawberry and pistachio. nomnomnom
And of course he got some hugs, because I like him. ^__^
Dunno why he's so grumpy. It's just a little drip ... and his white fur makes for a great canvas. ^.^'
But it seems Sammy finds it funny. Jack seems a lil shocked though.

A very cute and funny commission of our cubby fursonas, done by the awesome   strawberryneko
Thank you very much, it really turned out great.
You really nailed the expressions :3

This picture might or might not be inspired my real events snickers

Little bearkitty & Sammy ->   ghostbear ghostbear
Little arctic wolf & Jack ->   canidas
Art by sbneko sbneko


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    The plushes gasp face is too cute!

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      Absolutely. And his little owner doesn't seem to be happy. ^.^'
      But I think wolves are washable ^.^'