Slumber by Ghostbear



23 May 2016 at 15:37:02 MDT

One little bearkitty, sleeping peacefully and quiet after a day full of playtime, with his best friend and snugglebuddy Sammy watching over him.
Of course the the plush lynx would never allow that any harm would come to his owner and companion.
And with his adorable bear bed, the TARDIS bedsheets and his soft and comfy footed sleeper ... nothing would interrupt his slumber.
Ni ni little one!

That is such an adorable picture of my little bearkitty, being all tuckered out and asleep.
And I really love the cute sleeper, the adorably realistic padding underneath, the TARDIS bedsheets (I WANT THEM! o.o'') and the really cool bear bed.
I would have loved those things as a child. Aaand probably I do right now as well ^.^'

Drawn by the talented and very friendly yuppup.
Thank you so very much for the cutey picture!