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Game on! by Ghostbear

Game on!


What could be more fun than playdate with two cute cubs and their best plushie friends.
And cookies. Don't forget about the cookies of course, they are important.
Looks like they plushies think about the same and will happily join into the "Defend the cookies!" game.
Rules? What rules? o.o'
Who needs rules, when you can have fun instead.
Seems those two adorable crinklebutts are having exactly that. :3
Nerdy little crinklebutts by the way, with our lil bunny boy wearing Triforce diapers and hoodie ... and our lil bearkitty wearing an Assassin's Creed hoodie.
Are they old enough for those games? Uhmm.. probably not. ^.^'

Well, then... game on boys, and make sure to share the cookies.
But I think we don't need to worry about that ;) Sammy will make sure the cookies are distributed evenly and everybody will get their share.

robert26194 had the cool idea to commission a picture together from the talented and friendly   tipard and I gladly joined in with my half:3
He also had the idea for the picture and I think he chose well :3

Bunnyboy and polar bear plushie:  robert26194
Bear-Lynxkitty-hybrid and long-tailed lynx plushie Sammy:  ghostbear ghostbear
Art by   tipard

Thank you very much ^_^


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    AWww, that's just a heavenly day. :) A good friend, plushies, and cookies! What could be better?

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      Maybe a pair of sippycups for drinking. But not much more

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        How about a zebra and her teddy bear? :)

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          Plenty of cookies left :3 Join in if you like ^^

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            sits down and munches a cookie

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              Yay ^_^ Have fun :)