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The Green Goblin Comes Out : Norman Osborn TF Story by German-Werewolf-Vetor

The Daily Bugle's news hit big. A large winged creature had been soaring through the streets of New York City. Those who were able to catch a clear glimpse described the creature. The most common description being that it had large wings like a bat, a long lizard like tail, and having bright green glowing eyes. But seeing the creature wasn't everyone's biggest worry. Many people who encountered the beast either got severely injured or killed. The situation getting so bad that people either begged for military force to get involved, or begged Spider-man to take the creature down. No one knew who exactly was under the creature's skin. Except for one who not only knew, but is actually the beast himself, Norman Osborn.

It all started when the Government pressured his company to work faster on the enforcement enhancers. If they were not able to get results fast enough, Oscorp would go bankrupted and shut down. Norman eventually took things into his own hands by experimenting on himself. The serum he and his fellow scientists worked on were heavily miscalculated. The fast results he wanted failed horribly. On that night, he transformed into a large, scaly, winged monster. Breaking out of the test lab and killing almost every scientist that stayed that night. He later woke up in the morning, naked, covered in blood, and no memory of what happened. But as time went by, not only would he start remembering bits and pieces of his transformation. A voice would keep speaking in his head. The voice saying things like ' Let me out! ' or ' I want to be free! '. Norman started having constant and extreme paranoia of when he would transform. He stopped going to work, locking himself in his mansion, even kicking out his son and butler. Fearing that he would end up harming or killing them. But no matter how much he tried to stay away from others and isolate himself. The beast would come out and rampage.

Norman sat in the living room. Having a cold glass of whiskey as he looked out the window. The night sky having a deep dark shade of blue. Clouds covering the majority of the sky, except for the full moon. It's light pushing the clouds out of the way so it could shine down on the city. He let out a saddened sigh. He had felt very lonely ever since he pushed his son away. Despite not having a very healthy relationship, he still enjoyed his son's company. Having conversations on college and work made him forget about his struggles every once in a while. He looked down to see that his beverage was almost empty. Getting up from his one seat couch to get a refill. He stopped half way when he felt a thick heart beat go off in his chest. Causing him to drop his whiskey glass, shattering when it came in contact with the floor. He breathed heavily as heart kept beating. " No. . .nooo no no no! Not now! " He said in a panicked tone. Looking down at his arms, thick green scales formed on his hands. Then quickly riding up to his forearms. He let out a wince when thick sharp talons burst out his finger nails. Blood dripping and the remains of his nails falling off.

" No! No! Please stop! I don't wanna- Auuuuggh! " His muscles severely cramping, feeling heat rise as they throbbed. His pecs pushed against his blue buttoned shirt. Making the buttons strain against the growing muscles. The sleeves of his shirt getting tighter and tighter as his arms grew. Getting past their limit, each button popped off one at a time. His big meaty pecs that were now covered in scales escaping his shirt. Eventually leading down to his rock hard abs. The seams of his sleeves burst open. The green scales had reached up to his shoulders. " Uuuurrggh!! Ggh! I'm on fire! " He cried out, hugging himself as he tried to ease the pain. Norman's feet started to grow. His toes rolling up against his shoes as they stretched forward. The leather groaning as they struggled to contain his growing feet. " Hhhhnnrrrgh!! Too. . .Tiiight!! " He groaned. At last, his feet finally exploded out of the shoes. The socks tearing along with the rest. The claws had the same tone and sharpness as his fingernails.

Norman clenched his head, the voice telling him to be let free and how the transformation felt so good. " No! I can't! I can't let him- AUUUGGGHHH!!! MY BACK! " He dropped down. Digging his claws into the wood floor. Sharp pains furiously shot throughout his back. The back of his shirt loudly ripped as fleshy nubs grew from his shoulder blades. The tip of the nubs then grew out webbed fingers. " Noooo! Please. . .s-stop! " The webbed digits extended, the nubs now growing into arm like appendages. Very soon, he had large green toned wings. Flapping as they finished every last bit of their transformation. Norman bellowed as his felt his legs tighten with pain. As well as feeling something grow from his tail bone. " GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! " He shouted, tears falling down as he begged for this to stop. " GGgghhrraaaaa!!! " The painful transformation proceeded. Norman's calves and thighs ballooned, eventually making the sleeves his pants quickly tear apart. A large bulge had formed from the back of his pants. The bulge soon forming a point at the end. Before Norman could look back, his tail pushed out. Having the same tone of green with the rest of his changing body. " Rrraauuughhh!! . . .Nnhhhhrrrrr. . .yreeesssss! " The voice in his head was taking full control. Everything that he said was not Norman. It was the Goblin.

" Yyyeeeesss!!! Llllet. . .m-meee. . .-F-FREEEEEEEE!! " He roared. His canines sharpened as he snarled. His ears stretching and pointing. His eyes turning bright viper green. The Goblin let out a deep sigh of relief. " Hehehehe. . .fffinally. Out of that puny body. Norman kept me caged for too long. Now. . . time to feast! ". He stomped towards the window. Breaking it with his monstrous strength. The glass shards only tapping his hard scaly skin. Stepping outside, he jumped off the balcony. Flapping his wings soaring through the city. With the beast released, he was off to go on another rampage.


The Green Goblin Comes Out : Norman Osborn TF Story


The goblin comes out to play

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