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Hifumi Mizuno by GemCandy

Hifumi Mizuno


6 July 2021 at 15:10:53 MDT

This drawing started as me just fooling around with styles, just trying out a more anime-esk looking style, then it evolved into me really liking this drawing and deciding to pull out all the stops and try to put some EXTRA effort into this drawing! I did some shading! And some clothing creases too that have shading as well!
I am REALLY proud of how she looks, I LOVE! the eyes! And the CHIN! I might try to do this style more often!

And I ended up liking her so so much, that she’s a new OC! Everyone, this is Hifumi Mizuno! Her first name is written in Hiragana and her last name is written in Kanji, so her name is, ひふみ水野 in that order~
She’s half Japanese, with her dad being Japanese and her mom being British. She’s a carbon copy of her mom in regards of looks, but she got her dad’s personality and gentleness and she lived in Japan till she was 15, then her parents divorced and she moved back with her mom to England again, live there peacefully for like 3 years, only to move back to Japan to live with her dad once she turned 19, cause she hates her mom’s new boyfriend who ended up trying to hit on her too, which her mom did not believe. Her Japanese is rusty as all hell because she did not use it for 4 years, but she’s working on it again~

Hope you all like her as much as I do! :D