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Lipstick is fun! by GemCandy

Lipstick is fun!


10 February 2021 at 14:13:17 MST

Just a cute lill comic that has been sitting in my ‘sketch’ map for quite a while before I decided to finally upload it already!

So, I am NOT familiar with makeup, so trying to find a good color that matches with Kai’s very much ‘not’ natural colors, wasn’t easy, I had to ask some peeps I know for help~

We got Kai trying on lipstick, getting an idea, smirking before zooming off and he kisses his boyfriend Jason on his cheek, which leaves a mark on his cheek before it finishes with Kai giggling and Jason is all blushy~

It turned out really cute, the big drawing of Kai being all giggly is my favorite part~