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Day 31 - Blood Moon Ball by GemCandy

Day 31 - Blood Moon Ball


I have zero idea what a ‘blood moon ball’ is, so I drew my kitty OC Kaiteki dancing with his bunny boyfriend Jason.
A lot of first times in this drawing, this pose, the long hair hanging down like that, the turn of Jason’s face, his slicked back hair, LOT’S of firsts!
I do really like how it turned out none the less ^^

And with this upload, inktober has officially ended for me, but don’t worry, I have a big list of drawing ideas on my phone, plus I am a RP-er, so those give me drawing ideas all the time and redrawns of old drawings are also always options because I do see my art improve with each one (some also get worse IMO lol) so please stick around to see me and my OC’s and what we all get up too! ^^

For the Inktober related drawings, I’m mostly using my OC’s with a promps list that I found on DA (here’s the link: )