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Fraise Fleur by GemCandy

Fraise Fleur


24 November 2018 at 08:35:52 MST

My memories on facebook showed me these traditional drawings of an old character from 2013. Her name is Fraise Fleur.
Apparently, both drawings were made on the 22th of November 2013 because there was nothing to do on my internship that day.
Trying to now stuff my watermark thing in there wasn't fun...oh well, I managed to do it and get rid of the bad pixels ^^
I think she's a sheep? Cow? I'm not sure...
Her ears seem strange in the left and bottom drawings, because I had already drawn the hair and then I started to mess with the ears again.

This is sorta what the post said furthermore:
More drawings from Fraise~
The left and bottom ones are her in the age that she is now (she is 22 now) and she is wearing a little make-up (lipstick, failed to draw that properly, but oh well: P) and the right has to present a school picture.
She is 18 there, super cute~
To cute, for her liking, hence the makeover.

The first two are drawn with pen straight away and I have tried to raise the eyes a bit higher.

Fraise Fleur © me ~
Please enjoy and leave comments.
I love to hear your thoughts about my work.
But, if you do not have anything nice to say about this or my other works, then do not bother to comment at all.
But constructive criticism is allowed and very very much appreciated

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