The girls 2007 and 2018 by GemCandy

The girls 2007 and 2018


29 April 2018 at 09:59:17 MDT

I was taking random stuff out of my bedroom to put it up in the attic when I found three little picture frames with drawings in them up there.
I remember these girls, I had zero friends in my own year in high school, so I drew my own and I graduated from high school in 2009, so these drawings are probably like 10 or 11 years old by now.
I have forgotten their names, but their species are quite obvious, the left one is a bunny, I think that the middle one is a cat/sheep mix and the right one is a normal cat.

I have no clue what hairstyle 2007 me wanted to give the bunny girl...2018 me tried to make a more normal looking one.

I decided that I would see how much my drawing skills have improved over like 11 or so years ago, so, here we go, upper drawings are made on paper and coloring pencils and lower drawings are sketched on paper, made a photo off with my phone, mailed to myself and then inked and colored with a drawing app called Sketch on my tablet.
I’m pretty proud of some obvious improvement…should I make these girls into some real OC’s? I had ones before, but I don’t want to use them anymore.

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