Equinox Voidologists (as poptepipic) by gekijirou

Equinox Voidologists (as poptepipic)


8 February 2018 at 13:41:40 MST

FFXIV roleplay stuff

the au ra is Ukyo Tosho, a doman traveler and intellectual with a great desire to study and observe voidsent firsthand, absolutely dying for on-site field experience. hes arrogant and haughty and loves to listen to himself talk, and isnt too happy with being an understudy. over time he learns to accept that sometimes he isnt the one who has all the answers. he is a very hands-on learner and enjoys dissecting and analyzing physical samples from various specimens.

the lalafell is Gagacha Gacha, an amnesiac who was found wandering thanalan and taken in by refugees and living among them. they suffered voidtouch and their behavior as a result became erratic, bizarre, and socially unacceptable at times. theyre learning to live with a new personality and fairly little prespective on why they became this way, but their fixed interest in voidsent has set them on a path of near-constant field work and research, to an end most of their peers are not clear on.

theyre poptepipic because why not

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