The Helium Hammer [YCH/GIF] by GatorBuns

The Helium Hammer [YCH/GIF]


29 May 2017 at 10:28:11 MDT

You know, when you gotta volunteer for a county fair you really ought to read the instructions better.

Looks like Blitzkrieg didn't read just HOW he would be helping out!! By time he figured it out, he was wearing a strange jumpsuit that had a hose nozzle going right up his ottery behind!!

And well, who else would show up but Hammerhead...

And boy was his wallet fat and looking for fun..

Was gonna be a long night for the otter..

Finished YCH For BlitzkriegOtter and MurphyZ over on FA!!!
Decided it would work as a back and forth gif, and I think it worked out really well!!

Might do more of the gifs, at least for things like these!!

Blitzkrieg is BlitzkriegOtters

Hammerhead is MurphyZs

Only they may re-upload this image with permission!!

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    i would love to be him :3

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      Hey the fair's usually looking for eager, stretchy employees!!

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    isn't that one of the fishes from spongebob? lol

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      Nah hahaha, at least I dont think so!
      Though Larry did have the same tattoo..

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