Open For Commissions by Gato303

Open For Commissions


21 November 2020 at 13:37:38 MST

Hello everybody!

I would like to tell that I am open for art commissions with 4/4 slots open.

Let me know if you would like me to draw any of your characters OC's or other characters in the style you want. I will feel happy to draw for you in my style or the style you'd like.

Nice quality commissions at affordable prices, starting with sketches at US$6.00, going through ink linework, digital flat colors, flat shaded, soft shaded.

Also, if you want more detail, you can get an architectural hand-made background too similar to: or

I also offer to draw stickers by unit or pack of 6 for US$40.00, colored comic pages or sequences, 5 panels for $40.00.

I can create 3D models too, from the basic T-pose till full rigging and texturing.

Balloon art commissions are also possible, balloons with artwork can be shipped through mail to you. Ask me to get a quotation.

Let me know what you would like me to draw for you, drop me a comment or PM or message on Telegram (Gato303co), Skype(Gato303co), Twitter (@Gato303co), etc.

Stuff I can draw:
Fatfurs, balloonfurs, inflated furs, slim furs, toned furs, my little pony (any generation), tall furs, chibi furs, Care Bears and Cousins, dragons, reptiles, birds and similar.

What I won't draw:
NSFW Sexual stuff (though clean suggesting poses can be ok), nudity, porn or any explicit sexual subject, oversized boobs or booties, babyfurs, hyper, blob furs, macro/micro, vore, transformations, gore (some violence can be ok), furries being abused/discriminated by sex, race, religion, etc.

Let me know what artwork you would like, I will be waiting for you ^_^