Open For Commissions by Gato303

Open For Commissions


23 July 2020 at 18:37:33 MDT

Hello everybody!

I would like to express that I am open for commissions with 3/4 slots open.

Let me know if you would like me to draw any of your characters OC's or other characters in the style you want. I will feel happy to draw for you in my style or the style you'd like.

Nice quality commissions at affordable prices, starting with sketches at US$6.00, going through ink linework, digital flat colors, flat shaded, soft shaded.

Also, if you want more detail, you can get an architectural hand-made background too similar to: or

I also can do stickers by unit or pack of 6 for US$40.00, colored comic pages or sequences for $35.00.

I can create 3D models too, from the basic T-pose till full rigging and texturing.

Balloon art commissions are also possible, balloons with artwork can be shipped through mail to you.

Let me know what you would like me to draw for you, drop me a comment or PM or message on Telegram (Gato303co), Skype(Gato303co), Twitter (@Gato303co), etc.

[b]Stuff I can draw:[/b]
Fatfurs, balloonfurs, inflated furs, slim furs, toned furs, my little pony (any generation), tall furs, chibi furs, Care Bears and Cousins, dragons, reptiles, birds and similar.

[b]What I won't draw:[/b]
NSFW Sexual stuff (though clean suggesting poses can be ok), nudity, porn or any explicit sexual subject, oversized boobs or booties, babyfurs, hyper, blob furs, macro/micro, vore, transformations, gore (some violence can be ok), furries being abused/discriminated by sex, race, religion, etc.

Let me know what you would like, I will be waiting for you ^_^