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Current Icon by RiledCat on Twitter!

Decided to come back and try uploading here again, hey y'all!

Some Info About Me
- I go by Grey, Gary, Axton, Rigby and Bandit, feel free to call me any of these I answer to them all equally!
- My pronouns are It/Its only. Please do your best to use my correct pronouns.
- I'm 30 years old and counting 👴

Commission, Art Trade and Art Request Information
I don't take commissions anymore due to it stressing me out and just overall not being a good fit for me personally

I like to take on the occasional art trade (nowadays I'm more interested in ship-art trades though to be honest) so feel free to ask!
I prefer people that are the same general skill-level as me however, sorry if that ends up excluding you!
If you want to ask about an art trade feel free to DM me about it! (Preferably on one of my other sites since I may forget to check here

I also take art requests through my Art Request Site
Any requests that aren't sent through my site are ignored so please be sure to read through the information on there and send your request through one of the forms linked on the site!
I've currently got a sizeable backlog due to how infrequently I work on requests but requests are always open so if you don't mind waiting/possibly never getting your request filled then feel free to send in one (or many, there's not really a limit currently)!
If you want to tip me as a thank you for providing free art opportunities/doing your request in particular if I've done it then check out my Tip Page on my request site!

Here's Some Other Places That I'm On
- Personal Twitter (Active)
- Art Twitter (Active)
- Self Ship Twitter (Active) (I don't just post art here but I'll occasionally post sketches for self-ship/self-insert related stuff that I most likely will end up posting to my art twitter when done)

- Personal Tumblr (Active)
- Art Tumblr (Active)
- Self Ship Tumblr (Active)

- Deviantart (Active)
- Toyhouse (Active) (I house all of my up to date original character info here)
- Artfight (Active) (I try to participate at least a little bit every year so come attack me!)

- Inkblot (Semi-Active???) (More inactive than active currently as I'm still trying to get used to using the site)
- Art Instagram (Semi-Active) (I don't really like the hoops I have to jump through to post to instagram so I fall behind on uploading to it a lot)
- Self Ship Instagram (Semi-Active) (I upload self ship/self insert art to this one instead of my main since I have family following my main and I don't really want to be open with them about self ship stuff currently lmao)


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    I'd greatly prefer not being thanked for watches and favorites please.