Unconscious Perception by Garnetto (critique requested)

Unconscious Perception (critique requested)


23 February 2014 at 15:06:18 MST

Garage wolf for Tlagomars

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    Great sense of perspective. The lines of the walls meeting with the ceiling draw you in to the character's eyes, which have excellent contrast against the shadow from brow and the brightness of the reflected light on the wall. It gets a bit dark down at the belt line but can still make out detail. I love the prop rod to hold up the hood, that takes me back. :)

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    Nono, the perception is quite conscious ... the perception is of my being tiny right? Or him being huge... wait... is there a 3rd perception? WHAT'S THE THIRD PERCEPTION?! WHAT IS IT?!

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    The perspective is beautifully planned here, as Feren mentioned. I'm digging the value contrasts and similarities between the character and his environment too, but I might suggest integrating shapes more where it doesn't matter for the activity, e.g. his right elbow and the toolchest; distinguish them more where it does matter, e.g his face and hand. There's an element of this planned and going on, I realize - for example you're only using the backlight outline where the light catches his head - but to me the dark outlines make too much of a border.

    (That's actually a fairly minor crit. as he does indeed seem to be a native part of his environment in most ways. The value variations across the body are particularly effective)

    I love how the shadows blend inside the engine compartment, but activity-wise wouldn't that area be illuminated a lot more? I guess it doesn't need to be all Joseph Wright of Derby, but it seems to me that he'd need a worklight trained on that area.

    (He also seems to be missing a radio and a mug of tea, but maybe that's just my lazy Sunday afternoon approach to things mechanical :D)

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      Fair point dude! I did get a little bit lazy with the engine bay... mainly because I know bugger all about cars and what goes where (or at least would probably just make stuff up as I go and annoy all of the petrolheads, heh)
      I suppose I could have put a little bit more into the background, this garage is way too tidy! cheers dude x

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    There's something about this that makes it feel like a scene from a movie or maybe part of a dream. Sometimes I wish I could wake up in a world full of animal people... but then again maybe not! I can dream.

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      Half serious, half sarcastic
      So I'm not the only one!