Cooking With Yeens by Garek Maxwell

Cooking With Yeens

Garek Maxwell

9 March 2015 at 23:23:52 MDT

This is how it works right? Room, shtahp...

Looks like we're having ramen again tonight.

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    Fuckin a this is awesome. Lol "Ahn' thas how you can cook schtuff..... with waaayne. -belch-"

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      I'm totally fine with coking with booze~ I'm a good nyeen~
      I have beenn drinkng tonigh

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        Juss' two nights??? Ive been drinking everery night!!!!!! Lol

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          I get pretty wasted easily, so I don't need to do that too often. Plus, I try to keep it down and as just a once a week treat mostly. I have extended family who are alcoholics. Not to be a downer! I totally know people who drink daily with no problem. I just don't want to slip into bad behavior.

          Doesn't mean I don't get totaly wasted for funsies some days. :V

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            That last one was more sarcastic drunk-accent. Lol but i know what you mean. It sucks major ass to have a money pit and a self inflicted repressor all in one. Its not a fun time.