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Furry Content Site Statistics 2014 by Garek Maxwell

Furry Content Site Statistics 2014

Garek Maxwell


GreenReaper on SoFurry provided more accurate statistics for InkBunny, and linked me to a new Journal by Fender on FA for new 2014 stats. I have updated accordingly the data, and split parts into new categories thanks to new information provided. I also updated the total FA accounts using an estimation with the difference between new accounts in 2011 and 2014. I had the total accounts for 2012 and new ones for 2014, but neither new nor total accounts for 2013.

The only problem is that Weasyl and SoFurry do not have traffic data readily available, so low estimations were used in place of nothing at all to give an idea of what the traffic could be.

Always open to new data and information! Critiques also welcome too!

UPDATE to v2

Now includes rough traffic data, content, and users. These are all largely estimates even when given by official sources, and were averaged together based on what was available. Official numbers welcome!

For fun, here's VCLs data for what I could find:
Accounts - 4,410
Traffic - 25,223
Content - 598,498

Decided to do something last minute on new years eve. It really could be better organized and formatted, but it will do for now I guess. Namely, the key listed above should either be repeated or the FA content deletion section should be pushed up next to that section.

I may update this later to include some other things. SoFurry has submissions by sexual orientation for example, Weasyl has tags by most common and by most favorited, as well as follows vs submissions for particular artists. VCL has some information as well, but not very much. I can't really figure out how to include them.

Sources for all data come from the following.
FA submission map 2014-04-24
FA submission map 2012-01-11
FA submission map 2011-04-29
FA submission map 2010-04-29
FA submission map 2009-01-27
FA Statistics 2011
FA Statistics - 2014
Weasyl Statistics - (Accessed 12-31-2014)
SoFurry Statistics - (Accessed 12-31-2014, June 2013)
InkBunny Statistics - (Accessed 12-31-2014)
InkBunny Additional Statistics
Traffic Statistics (Previously all used, mostly for Weasyl and SoFurry now)

Submission Information

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    very cool, and very interesting. Statistics wise...Weasyl holds up pretty darn well so far! Least that's what I get from it.

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      Yeah, it's doing just fine. It's got more than zero activity, which is a good start. :P
      Can't say the same about, say, VCL.

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    Fascinating! Thanks for uploading this one!

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    I wish weasyl grew bigger