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Furry Content Site Statistics 2015 by Garek Maxwell

Furry Content Site Statistics 2015

Garek Maxwell

Small update!

Added's stats for comparison with other sites.

Slightly updated for 2015. Cleaned up some things too, and reworded a few confusing bits. I didn't see the need to update traffic much since traffic doesn't change dramatically under normal circumstances. I'll probably update it later.

Always open to new data and information! Critiques also welcome too!

Sources for all data come from the following:
FA submission map 2015-01-14
FA submission map 2014-04-24
FA submission map 2012-01-11
FA submission map 2011-04-29
FA submission map 2010-04-29
FA submission map 2009-01-27
FA Statistics 2011
FA Statistics - 2014
Weasyl Statistics - (Accessed 12-31-2014)
SoFurry Statistics - (Accessed 12-31-2014, June 2013)
InkBunny Statistics - (Accessed 12-31-2014)
InkBunny Additional Statistics - Data sources
Species Tags, In Descending Order:;order=count
Traffic Statistics (Previously all used, mostly for Weasyl and SoFurry now)

Submission Information

Visual / Design / Interface

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    this is interesting :D

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    That's fascinating

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    I love this! I think it's really interesting to see the differences of the sites, but also to see the specifics of the sites that we don't necessarily have visibility into. This would be perfect on [adjective][species]!

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      Actually been talking to a person involved there. It'll likely get posted there in a bit. Someone just gave me more data on another site so it'll hopefully get added by the time it goes up. Been busy in real life a lot lately. :\

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        JM pointed me towards this, yeah! I'm excited, I love seeing data pulled together like this. No rush; and hopefully life calms down a bit for you :o)

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          Updated this a little, just so you know.

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            Awesome, fantastic work :o)