2009 TefNut & Garder by gard3r

2009 TefNut & Garder


19 October 2015 at 12:01:35 MDT

This picture was made after me And Kirsui had a funny RP in game Impressive Title, featuring her character Tefnut... TifNut.. forgot how the character name was written.. xD

Oh, good, old times at IT.. <3

Her DA: http://kirsui.deviantart.com/


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    ohey I know Kirsui and Tefnut! Such a cute character.

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      Hey, small world we live in. <3

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        We've known each other for... 8 years now? I met her on a TLK roleplay forum xD I catch her on Skype and we geek out over plot ideas still.