Hard Lessons Pt. 1: Defeat by Gany

Hard Lessons Pt. 1: Defeat


25 January 2019 at 21:26:10 MST

Caden had many things to learn in his training days, including getting past some of his insecurities. One day, a friend of his, a bounty hunter named Enyo, agreed to allow him to spar with her. They both knew it--she was untouchable. Nobody had yet won against her in anything. Still he persisted--he wanted to end up underfoot, to provide an outlet for his submissive side, but the insecure tiger he had to make it look like he wasn't enjoying it. So time and time again, he paid a visit to the bounty hunter, and when they were up for it, a good thrashing ensued followed by his head or face getting pinned under her feet, satisfying his secret need. Little did he know, the neko had a much more keen perception than he realized...

WOW... I'm so, SO grateful to combatraccoon combatraccoon for this, and for the pics to come! Been wanting to explore Caden's switch side for a long time, and who better to explore having power taken away in some way than with galactor galactor 's Enyo? Thank you, my friend, for letting me do this with you~ <3

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