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Private Beach by Gany

Private Beach


After a day of vigorously lavishing attention on the soles of his Goddess, whom he loves and worships figuratively AND literally, Gany was allowed to take off the collar and rest. Realizing he was far from where he normally resided, the suicune deity Siva asked if the pandacat would like to spend the night here, with her, as it was such a beautiful and quiet night.

The pandacat's heart melted even more than it already had from all the worship he had given her. The sight of his Goddess shimmering like the ocean and even the soft white sand around them, the moonlight gently caressing every contour of her beauty as well as the beauty of the landscape--how could he say no?

The waves gently kissed the nearby edge of the shore, very shortly lulling the two creatures to sleep. Gany had never slept on a more comfortable bed in all his life. He never wanted to leave her sole.

GOOOOOSH... This is now my favorite piece I've ever gotten~ Done by combatraccoon combatraccoon featuring me and triplel triplel 's Siva, I'm just absolutely in love with this. Having gotten back recently from vacation on a beach and already missing it, this really does melt my heart quite a bit. Will link the original when it's posted.

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