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Cocktail Hour (Video) by Ganador

Cocktail Hour (Video)


29 August 2017 at 14:57:39 MDT

Password: weasyl

Sketches by Spunky
Cover image by Sethpup
Idea, editing and original storyboard by me.
More to come! life has just been hectic!
Deedra, Jozette and myself are original characters, but Jericho belongs to Carnivaldog :)

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    Password required?

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      Read the description silly, password is always "weasyl" :)
      P.S. wanna hang out more, havent heard from you in forever. lemmie know how ":}~

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        Haven't seen you around. What/where have you been up to?

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          Making arts, making cars, going out alot. I'm mostly on SL but can also do skype. People keep migrating to new chat programs anytime a new one pops up, I got tired of doing that so i just stick to aim, skype and secondlife ":}
          Think I lost your number so lemmie know your chat info and I'll grab you :)

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    Hope to see lots more! and hope there will be sex! :P

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    Haha great work man! Keep on tho its getting better and better!!
    Btw You seem to be busy allot ay? XP

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    It's been so long since we heard from you, you've doing well hope to see more videos from you.

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      im here! just doing irl projects too, been on SL alot making avatars for customers, when i finish the irl projects ill sit back down on videos too <3

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        That's cool to hear and remember you mentioned about showing the new look of Null, I'm really been waiting for that and the videos that were prevously posted on your SL