Stallion Unicorn by FuzzySandwich

Stallion Unicorn


28 November 2018 at 11:56:51 MST

A while ago some friends and I were hanging out on Furcadia during one of their free digo days. One friend in particular seemed to really like the unicorn digos, this inspired me to make a unicorn version of his zorse character. :3

Taking some inspiration from The Last Unicorn, I tried to make the legs thin, and the mane and tail whispy. (Though obviously more so than what is seen in The Last Unicorn.) Though his character doesn't have a long flowing mane, beard or leg strands I added them to make him look more majestic. ^^

I made this on aggie, cause I was a derp and forgot I can't yet export with it. x-x

What Aggie is? Aggie is a collaborative canvas website. You can draw with your friends or draw alone. I prefer to use my photoshop, as it is what I am used to and most comfortable with, but aggie allows me to experiment with my lineart. Something I haven't really been able to do with my older version of photoshop. The site does not yet have a save, import or export yet but it still has a lot of updates planned.

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