Serena's Flowers by FuzzySandwich

Serena's Flowers


28 November 2018 at 11:53:21 MST

~The sweet tabby, Serena, on her way home with her pet budgie after a morning gathering flowers and enjoying a relaxing picnic with friends.~

A gift for one of my most dearest friends. (Known as Serena Jade Dayfox @ Furcadia)

I drew this on the canvas website Aggie. I originally planned to do the lineart on Aggie and then finish it with my normal programs. But my derpy self had forgotten that you can't save, import, or export yet on Aggie. So that explains the funky lack luster background. ><

Despite some set backs I worked so hard on this. My friend Serena only has a descriptive reference of her character so far, leaving a lot of room for interpretation. She's a tabby, either mackeral or intermediate, so her markings have always been hit and miss. In an older artwork her stripes and thicker frame had her looking very tiger like, not what I wanted.

For this gift I wanted to get as close to what I imagined her to look like as possible, as well as push myself to get her to look as domestic as I could. I'm used to drawing wild cat muzzles more than others. So I struggled to get that cute house cat face.

I am so, so happy with how this came out! I really hope you like it girl!

What Aggie is? Aggie is a collaborative canvas website. You can draw with your friends or draw alone. I prefer to use my photoshop, as it is what I am used to and most comfortable with, but aggie allows me to experiment with my lineart. Something I haven't really been able to do with my older version of photoshop. The site does not yet have a save, import or export yet but it still has a lot of updates planned.

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