Froggy-Went-a-Courtin' Cake Design by FuzziMutt

Froggy-Went-a-Courtin' Cake Design


13 May 2016 at 23:37:58 MDT

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So I had the honor of designing a cake tier for my cousin's wonderful wedding.  o:  The bride is a pastry chef and did a cool thing friend-sourcing her cake.  Her fellow pastry friends and I each got to design and/or bake a tier.  This design was based on an adorable inside joke thing my cousin and her new husband had when they were dating.

Based on the song/rhyme Froggy Went a' Courtin, he is Froggy, and she is Miss Mousey.  To tie it both of them, she is a pastry chef and he is a computer nerd, hence the random object symbols. XD  This nouveau is a small section of what I had planned... I was going to do a Mousey-centric panel and a Froggy-centric panel and have them meet in the middle with this one to tell a cute story. ;w;

But yes. There's a lot of subtle detail that went into this (and I'm sure no one but me would notice, haha).  Their respective motifs are Hearts and Lilypads, as seen with the elements in the repeating pattern in the middle.  My cousin had calla lilies as her chosen flower for the wedding... but a matching [more masculine?] flower was needed for his side and HEY LOOK, he's a frog, so it works. X3

It is printed on a really cool rice paper with edible ink.  The design was admired for a bit before everyone dug in to the cake, haha.  I didn't actually get to taste this tier since it was chocolate. <.<;  The gorgeous piping and pearls were done by the talented Matron of Honor, my friend Kat, aka PrettyCakeMachine... because I know nothing of cake decorating.

This was fun and quite an honor, as mentioned.  It was also one of the many projects I'd piled on over the few months I've been scarce/M.I.A.  I am glad it was so well-received!

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