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Megaplex Badge 2022 by FurryWrecker911

Megaplex Badge 2022


I went to Megaplex this year.

I remembered at midnight on Thursday that convention badges are a thing, and since I haven't had a badge since 2014 when my style was very rough and entry-level (I drew cheap anime eyes, didn't do anatomy studies, and hated cloth drawings, to give you an idea) I went into hyper crunch mode and drew up a con badge... only for my printer to show me in writing that the nozzles were jammed for the colors black and blue. N I C E.

Big up to my friend Pikethorn for letting me visit her and use her printer. We had a lot of fun trying to figure out what type of gloss paper my paper was XD

In the image we have me with my idle "this is fine" face I carry with me every single day, travel/motorcycle backpack, traditional sketch pad that I really need to use more often, tool kit that I use every single day that I'm in the garage, my 3-D software as a background complete with my VR Chat model polygon stats in the bottom right, and a custom font I also made in 3D. If I were to ever make business cards, this would probably be on the back. Oh and he's floating because that's where the lanyard hook passed through.

-Done in CSP

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