Hand Carved Custom Leather Collar by FurryNeko

Hand Carved Custom Leather Collar


4 June 2015 at 21:12:56 MDT

These are one of the leather products I will be offering starting now and also selling at future conventions - a custom design/carved and stamped leather collar. These are incredibly time consuming with the amount of stamping I have to do for the background/beveling but it would include a beautiful floral design, two small designs of a generalized animal on either side of your name. You do not need to add a name to these either, just have the animals.

These can be changed around and modified, but any special/custom design aside from changing the name (or taking it out) and animals for the design above will be extra. All will have a dee/O ring in the center of the collar (unless otherwise specified - this one I left it out to preserve the carved name) for hanging tags/badges/etc from.Properly sealed and lined for your comfort.

Took me two full days of work to design, cut, mold and stamp this collar, so the price will vary on each design - I am still hashing out details on that but something this detailed, painted and finished will run at least $100.00. That price may change down the road depending on complexity, but two days worth of straight work (I work 12 hr days on my art so basically 24hrs of my time) go into each of these...

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