Dollar Muscle Max Comic Page 5/5 (Final) by CaseyLJones by FurryMuscleGrowthFan

Dollar Muscle Max Comic Page 5/5 (Final) by CaseyLJones


27 May 2016 at 14:02:31 MDT

Here it is!
The final page!
Dollar continued to grow, even growing bigger than the planet itself. He continued to grow in space while the planets began to look tiny compared to his massive body. Soon he had gotten so big that he was able to hold the Earth with one paw like a handball. The drink's effects finally coming to a halt.

Dollar was now the biggest and strongest dog in the Solar System! He marvels at his new size and body happily. He's not complaining!XD Another satisfied subject!
Hopefully this effect isn't temporary! Most of my creations have temporary effects.XD
Wonder what he'll do now at that size?

(NOTE:These will be colored in eventually!)
Idea by Me.
Sequence and Design by   caseyljones
Commision funded by a good friend.
Dollar belongs to Richie Rich.