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Hello. I'm an Asian Raccoon that likes cameras.

My suit version 0.99 is by OceanWolf with an on-site mod by Matrices, it premiered at RF 2015.
Version 0.999 mods by zackfox101/littlefoxworkshop and 1 other, it premiered at Howloween 2015.
Version 0.9999 by keianza and 1 other.
Final repairs/tweaks and V1.2 follow ups by Show Right Fashions.
V1.1 mods by Crazy Joe (Blue Mountain Fox)

Currently the suit is version V1.5, V1.6 (cooling fans) pending.

Please tag the original maker by "OceanWolf" ONLY, due to personal reasons.

I'm also a Micro Fox that can grow to be a Macro Fennec. This fox has a thing for paws, so don't let that scare you. (He's also open to RP)

I'm on FA (browsing only), SoFurry and Inkbunny under the same username. If you want to find more art of George Fox, it's on Inkbunny. My SoFurry has some photos not on here, and some photos here might not end up on SoFurry.

Check out the "Characters" tab to find both my characters and their ref sheets. Remember to check the gallery folders as some of my stuff (like stories) won't appear in the main gallery.

See my Commenting Legend if you want to know why I put prefixes before certain comments.

Conventions Attended:
VancouFur 2014
BronyCAN 2014
Rainfurrest 2014
Howloween 2014
VancouFur 2015
BronyCAN 2015 (Suit V0.9 debut)
Rainfurrest 2015 (Suit V0.99 debut)
Howloween 2015 (Suit V0.999/Warfstache cosplay debut)
VancouFur 2016 (Suit V1.0 debut)
BronyCAN 2016
Howloween 2016
Fan Expo Vancouver 2017 (as Media)

Conventions I may be attending:
All conventions and fandom meetups for 2018 and 2019 have been cancelled.



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on 18 September 2018 at 23:59:44 MDT

Mistrust is still something that haunts me from my past, and I still think nobody trusts me, because my behavior after all these years is still "not fixed." It really is hopeless to expect kind social interaction, cause you never know if someone is going to backstab you cause you don't "act normal" or "you're extremely socially inappropriate" which just always leads to distrust.

I don't try to be social again because of this. The risk is way too high to return to a social life, then to have "the way you are" interpreted as malice, then rumors spread to make a "keep out" zone surrounding you through pure gossip. You can't reach out that you've been hurt by this because "You're socially inappropriate" when you reach out for empathy.

Now you know why I'm so suicidal. The fact my thoughts related to depression are validated by "real life expectations" and abuse from my parents means I can't just discount my thoughts as "just thoughts". As I become more hopeless, the expectation I will be fixed in time by a "professional" to reintegrate society slips away day after day. Making me seriously consider a plan for suicide.

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