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Hello. I'm an Asian Raccoon that likes cameras.

My suit version 0.99 is by OceanWolf with an on-site mod by Matrices, it premiered at RF 2015.
Version 0.999 mods by zackfox101/littlefoxworkshop and 1 other, it premiered at Howloween 2015.
Version 0.9999 by keianza and 1 other.
Final repairs/tweaks and V1.2 follow ups by Show Right Fashions.
V1.1 mods by Crazy Joe (Blue Mountain Fox)

Currently the suit is version V1.5, V1.6 (cooling fans) pending.

Please tag the original maker by "OceanWolf" ONLY, due to personal reasons.

I'm also a Micro Fox that can grow to be a Macro Fennec. This fox has a thing for paws, so don't let that scare you. (He's also open to RP)

I'm on FA (browsing only), SoFurry and Inkbunny under the same username. If you want to find more art of George Fox, it's on Inkbunny. My SoFurry has some photos not on here, and some photos here might not end up on SoFurry.

Check out the "Characters" tab to find both my characters and their ref sheets. Remember to check the gallery folders as some of my stuff (like stories) won't appear in the main gallery.

See my Commenting Legend if you want to know why I put prefixes before certain comments.

Conventions Attended:
VancouFur 2014
BronyCAN 2014
Rainfurrest 2014
Howloween 2014
VancouFur 2015
BronyCAN 2015 (Suit V0.9 debut)
Rainfurrest 2015 (Suit V0.99 debut)
Howloween 2015 (Suit V0.999/Warfstache cosplay debut)
VancouFur 2016 (Suit V1.0 debut)
BronyCAN 2016
Howloween 2016
Fan Expo Vancouver 2017 (as Media)

Conventions I may be attending:
All conventions and fandom meetups for 2018 and 2019 have been cancelled.



Latest Journal

Still black at the end of the tunnel

on 10 December 2018 at 15:15:37 MST

I thought long and hard, and it looks like when my former friends saw my "temporary" depression get worse, they thought firmly it was weakness of character, cause no one has depression as a chronic condition according to them. That gave them the right to write me off one by one.

I'm still not getting better, in fact I'm in the middle of a mandatory switch of social workers because that's how the system works. Just when things look like they're progressing, it gets reset by a mandatory contract obligation... This is why I hate this province's mental health care.

Not to mention I lost my last USA based friend from one of my former fandoms, who's still active outside of my knowledge. He now hates me.

I was also told the solution to my problems is to use all my disability assistance to pay for Behavior Interventionists. I barely have enough for food.

I see nothing but blackness at the end of the tunnel.

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