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"The Purring Gryphon" Resin Figurine by FurryDakimakura

"The Purring Gryphon" Resin Figurine


22 October 2015 at 18:07:40 MDT

Available here:

This adorable little gryphon figurine wants to come home with you, and wants to be adorable all over your desk! This little fellow was designed by Likeshine back in 2010 and produced by Patch Together. Likeshine had this to say:

"I have had a soft spot in my heart for gryphons since I was a youngun'. They are often found in Greek mythology, guarding the gold of the north from the one-eyed Arimaspians. The gryphon is typically thought to have the head and wings of an eagle, and the body of a lion. Since the gryphons of lore are typically majestic, fierce and bloodthirsty creatures, I thought it would be fun to depict sort of a gryphon housepet, if you would. The kind that wouldn't mind a pat on the head and maybe a treat. I couldn't decide on one perfect color scheme, so I settled on a main concept and two color variants. I also think this figure would work well as a paint your own type. Only 60 made!"

Tomopop also reviewed them here:

This item is very limited in supply, and when it sells, it's gone, and we can't get any more!

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