What You Do To Me by FurretTails

What You Do To Me


17 February 2013 at 20:01:25 MST

Made this for my boyfriend but I have yet to show him .////.

Your touch,

is like an addictive drug,


to replenish my thirst,

(but even that doesn't last long.)

yet still leaving me with wanting more.

Our lips touch and the sparks begin to fly,

your arms gripping my waist,

pulling me closer to you.

Your exotic smell engulfs me,

and my vision becomes hazy.

Like the drug you are to me,

pulling me away from reality,

showing the real me,

(with all the guards down.)

This is me, (in) my true skin.

Pull me closer,

to lose myself in you,

my personal drug,

intoxicate me with a kiss,

and bind me in your grip.

Don't leave me to crave your luscious lips,

but cease the gravity holding us down,

so spread your wings and lets fly away,

where my drug will pull me away from reality.