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[FUROTICON] Two Updates! Auctions & Naming Boy Toy!

on 13 February 2014 at 22:19:40 MST

Winter Character Auctions! Get your character into Furoticon!

Ever wanted to get your character into Furoticon? Your golden opportunity is coming up [b]in just a few days[/b]!

Start saving up, because we've made room for only two chances to be an Owner in our Winter set, Caramel Winter Break!

If you win one of these two spots, your Owner card will come with starting stats, like Taneka above. And because it's a basic Owner card, your character will be in a starter deck for everyone to see!

Keep an eye on for your chance!

New Contest! Give Boy Toy a name!

Boy Toy is already a sophomore, yet nobody knows his name!

We considered simply giving him a name, but then it seemed like it'd be so much more fun to make it a community decision! So now's your chance -- give this adorable mouse a name!

Here's how it works!

1) Week One - Nominate a name for him in the comments section below. To comment, register a Furoticon account! It takes less than a minute to register!

2) End Week One - From your nominations, we will have a random draw and choose 5 names. You can increase the chances of a name being picked by seconding someone else's nomination!

3) Week Two - Everyone will vote on the name they like best from those five! We'll run a poll on the front page, so you can see real-time results as votes roll in!


  • You may only submit one name, once. This means you may leave only one comment with one name, one time -- if you decide you like another name later down the line, encourage other people to submit it so its odds are better! If we find someone replying multiple times with apparent submissions, we'll have to consider all of their posts null and void. You're allowed to post encouragement after your submission, though!

  • NO CHEATING! Suspicious multiplying of accounts will result in a shut-down on your IP, which may shut out more people than just you if you share your network. While we expect and hope that we'll bring our lurkers out of the shadows to help with this community push, we want to make sure that everyone's getting heard equally, not just the guy who really wants to name Boy Toy "DeathMetal66" ;)

Head over to to submit your name!

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