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The Charm of Making by FuriarossaAndMimma

The Charm of Making


30 July 2020 at 03:07:55 MDT

"I made a promise for a change, a revolution in the night,
like a flower dark and blooming from my love, not light!
I won't let them interfere, I won't allow them in my way,
the World will know, the dark will grow, it all begins today" [x]

We needed a new header for his page, so here's a digital illustration of Ermes Siegader To'Rvak, the dragon protagonist of our prized novel (written in Italian) "Io sono il Drago". Can you recognize the words of the spell? Yeah, it's a "vague" transcription of the Charm of Making, as spoken in the film Excalibur! It means something like "Dragon's breath, a charm of death and life, I command you to make.

Aaaand we recorded a big part of the drawing process for this artwork! You can see it, there's a speedpaint video HERE.

This work is available to purchase as print, posters, stickers and other cool stuff on Redbubble HERE

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