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I am here merely because I want to visit old friends ,and also hopefully post TCG (Trading Card Game) Playmats for people to play on for both my self ,and selling to local friends. I also am trying to learn how to post youtube video's from one computer to another with one being a Macbook Pro ,and the other a PC Running on windows 8 so any help or advice on either subject would be greatly appreciated ,and thanked. Lastly if there is anything you wish to know about me just ask as I am a very open person (to some extent) ,and would like to make new friends!


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I'm Back

on 30 December 2014 at 06:00:08 MST

So I'm back ,and will try to be back here every friday that I can. I'm working on a minotaur piece right now too. It's going to be a long time before I'm done since I don't do realism often. It's neat trying out realism with fur after so long though ^.^

I'm still back at dA too if anyone wants to visit me over there. I have been trying to visit there every friday as well ,and it seems to be going pretty well actually. To be honest I don't feel like much of a artist anymore though. My love for it seems to have faded since I couldn't get much tutoring, lessons, or such things.

So my goal for now will be to post a folder here with pictures of what progress I did so far on my mat while I was away. Yes I really did work on it while I was away I just need a day to get taught how to work with my pointillism style better.

I'll be back more often in 2015.


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