New fursona by fumi-LEX

New fursona


23 August 2014 at 18:12:59 MDT

haven't been feeling good, been needing to finish two customs and a thank you gift but have zero motivation
did this to try and throw me back in the swing of things

Attempted to create a new fursona from a regular creature, didn't work, guess I can't see myself as anything normal /shrugs loudly

she looks like an american fuzzy lop, that's no rabbit, kids

-whisker-like antenna are extremely sensitive, only people she likes may touch them (they are great ticklers)
-extremely large eyes are normally heavy-lidded
-dense fur, fat body can't be seen underneath, who knows if it actually even looks like a bunny body or not
-forked tongue, looks like a gecko's
-inner flesh and pads are spotted
-markings can change but must always be splotchy and spotty, always same colors
-also she is very small, fits in the palm of your hand. Perfect size for snuggling in the crook of a neck and peeping enthusiastically

-picky with who she befriends
-timid, she can't go to new places or be in new situations alone or she will freak out inwardly and outwardly
-affectionate, soft, good cuddles, kiss smooch mwah

someone make her into a plush so I can squeeze
also I need to name her hmm

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