Levilarvae Species Info by fumi-LEX

Levilarvae Species Info


21 July 2014 at 21:53:55 MDT

I don't have time to check over this for typos and the like right now, I apologize.

These are CLOSED, PERSONAL SPECIES, you may absolutely not make your own. There will probably be a chance to get one in the future, one that doesn't require anything on your behalf, you just need to accept the rules and conditions that will come with it. So calm your buns.

The baby featured here is mine!
Other babies This also contains information on the headworld in the description and in the featured comments on that submission.

I didn't realize Weasyl had a text limit! CLICK HERE FOR FULL DESCRIPTION!!!

art, character, species, and all intellectual content here is mine, you may not use it in any way, shape, or form

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    ommmggg i need one how friggin cute!

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      Ah gosh thank you!!

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    What a little button of a tongue oh my god??? THEY WERE CUTE ENOUGH CRITTERS BEFORE BUT NOW -

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      ////cute intensifies

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    I have a mighty need, omfg

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    A LOT of people seem to like these cutie pies ; w;
    If you do decide to allow people to these little ones, i hope I get a chance to snatch one up because they'll be going fast xD
    Still very cute and I hope nothing goes wrong with these!

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      AH thank you so much!! I hope you get one too omg, you've been super sweet<3

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    Awwe, these are so damned cute! I love sea slug based things.