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Fumi Dragon General Anatomy Guide by fumi-LEX

Fumi Dragon General Anatomy Guide


19 January 2014 at 01:42:17 MST

Fumi dragons are a closed species, meaning you may not make your own. Customs are currently closed.

IMPORTANT but not written in the above
Fumi Dragon Age and Class Guide is a must-read.
They are NOT warm blooded and the blood is colorless, they do have a second circulatory system which transports a fluid which is involved with producing the fumi's vapor and regulating body temperature. The fluid is the same color as the smoke, so when cut a fumi will have blood the same color as their smoke, which is actually a mix of blood and that other fluid. A fumi is warm to the touch, just as anything warm blooded would be.

Fumi dragons are hermaphrodites that can only have one set of sexual organs functioning at once, they are female by default with the male organs suppressed. Read the written guide for more info.

I figured something visual would help out a little better! This is just the general anatomy, I highly urge you to still go and read the written guide here. Also, the fumi shown here is mine! He was a custom that was given back to me, and I prettied him up some and I'm in love<3 Doesn't have a name yet, he pretty much represents what a normal fumi should look like.

Art, this fumi, and fumi species belong to me. They are a closed species!

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