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on 21 August 2016 at 19:10:13 MDT

So I have been told by at least a few people that my writing is pretty good. I've already taken some trades privately for it, but I figured I may as well throw a journal out there to see if anyone would be interested in paying me for this sort of thing.

General pricing would be $20 for a two page thing with a fairly simple prompt (ex: X character having Y happen to them because of Z), I can try doing longer than that but most of my work usually ends up at that length naturally so I'm unsure if I can stretch it out that long.

A couple of examples: (inflation) (bottling)

For the most part, I'm willing to try just about anything with a few exception (I'll post those a bit further down). I may let you know if I'm unsure in my ability to write a topic, but if you're REAL SURE then I will absolutely give it a shot anyway.

The short list of stuff I will definitely not do:
Gore/Snuff (I am not comfortable writing this and honestly would have no idea where to start)
Underage Characters/Babyfur (I don't want to go to jail)
Actual porn/shit involving genitals (I wouldn't be good at it, just trust me on this one.)
Honestly anything involving bodily fluids (Please dont make me write about literal poop)

If the idea does not fall into any of the above groups then fukken hit me up and I'll see if I think I can manage it.

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