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Iron Artist sign up

on 13 July 2015 at 09:33:17 MDT

i realise that some of you don't visit FA anymore, but i guess i'd like to be fair and give everyone a chance to apply, so:


iron artist quality:
an example of what i offer you: it's refined sketch, coloured and shaded.


  • base: 20$ (one character, simplified bg) +10$ for every additional character, +5$ for more specified bg, +5$ if the character is more complex (for example: piece of 2 character with simple bg, but one have complex clothing or design: 20$ + 10$ + 5$ = 35$)


  • if you take a part in this "event" you state that you've read and accepted my #FAQ and i will not answer any questions that are already listed there.
  • no difference if you want it clean, adult, feral, monstrous or so on, i'm also open for any species and different ideas, though i will not draw few particular themes, which are listed in my FAQ, or if the idea is against my personal opinion or moral sense. if you're unsure if your idea fits me, you can always ask in comment or by note, before sending an application.
  • there is no slot limit (i know i'm gonna regret that), i will take all applications, and succesively do all of them, picked at random from the list.
  • application is valid only if send in time between START and END timer i set above. that 24h to apply, take it easy.
  • please have in mind, that the more characters you want me to incude in the picture (like in bg or in limited space), the less detailed they'll be. this is still only a sketch.
  • my approximate self time limit for finishing all the applications is 3-4 months, depending on life issues along the way.
  • ONE application for ONE person. i will not do 4 sketches for one person, no matter if you're willing to pay for all of them.

How to apply:

  • send application [b]in the time limit[/b] that is mention above.
  • application must be send by the e-mail, NOT by note and NOT by comment or any other way.
  • e-mail title must contain "Summer IA"
  • take a few minutes to put up a good description of what you want me to draw. please attach art references (any number) to the message, links may disappear with time.
  • leave your FA contact name, if you don't have FA, please let me know.
  • after finishing an art for you, you will most possibly recieve an e-mail or note answer. i'll try to list up current status list on my journal/s.
  • my e-mail adress is

if you have ANY questions to the above, you can put them in comments below, i'll be happy to answer them.

now please read the rules and faq again, to make sure you understood it right!

have fun applying!

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