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Mavie Mave --Hipup --StreamSlot-- by FsMaverick

Mavie Mave --Hipup --StreamSlot--


1 October 2021 at 03:50:31 MDT

my girl mavie~ showing off what my streamslot's hipup would look like, gonan be uploading a huuuuuge backlog of work from my friday stream slots. most of them from my patreon cause they are so damn awasome n have been commisisoning up these slots like kick ass lill bamfs they be ^^ thankies fur the support you lovely beasts you ~

Stream slots info if your curious ::
i stream here >>>

-I Stream on fridays, 9:30am -2am drawing as many pics as i can each week
-patreon folks get access to apply every week ($2 get you in the discord~)
-Twitter followers can get access to apply once or twice a month, depends on if the patron folk are mighty thirsty this month~ ( i may open up a wait list for all mah furry sites, still pondering how to do this tho)
-Slots range from $65 (headshots) to $95 (hipUps)
-its never first come first serve its always an application process i pick n choose who gets whut n when

-Patreon folk get 15-20% off the comish (depends on your support tier)
-Patreon folk get access to full body, and 2 character slots as well (depends on your support tier)

Character aaand art belong to me mavie


you like my stuffs? feel free to stalk me at other locations or support me on Patreon!
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