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The Mistress's Print -Patreon - by FsMaverick

The Mistress's Print -Patreon -


This is the Print being shipped out to my patreon supporters in the Gold Collar Tier n up~
I want to draw more of my characters and i love the art nouveau style so i thought the monthly print would be the coolest way to do that~ n holy hell im happy with how she came out~ love this style think im gonna do a collection of my critters in this style~

+++++++++ Print info ++++++

if you'd like to snag the print, go check out my RedBubble Shop or think about supporting me on - Mavie's Patreon -
My Patreon - for $35 a month~ there's some new sexy shit over there ^__-

n i know your thinkin 35? that's a lot'a money mavs, well yeah but your getting a monthly art pack, full of high rez art, a wallpaper with alt version, a speed paint video, a print shipped to your house each month, + a digital copy of that print at high rez, discord goodies, like work in progress pics, n seeing me dork around. access to my work trello, and polls to vote on what you want to see next month~

this month is the start of my patreon revamp, so everyone supporting now will get this month and next month shipped out the same damn time~

Thankies fur the love and support guys n gals, furries, feather heads n scaly butts~ your amazing, n don't forget to keep being awesome~

art by me mavie
character is my sona Maverick Mave

and if you like my stuffs feel free to stalk me at other locations or support me on Patreon!
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