Bane of Amber Storm by FsMaverick

Bane of Amber Storm


21 September 2017 at 13:01:38 MDT

here be bane~
a noble Tiefling by blood, betrothed to a noble of another land. Shes run away from her responsibilities, for now, and is out in the world under a false name to fight monsters and save maidens as her uncle did before her.

Banes a hell of a hitter and loves to smash things that cross her path. Shes got thick skin, always acting like a bold and brash, a rarely speaking being, she'd rather let her hammer do the talking. But underneath it is a heart of gold who wants the love and acceptance of her family. (and a secret British accent~) She made friends with a small man who loved his ale, and at the loss if his life she struggles to choose which path she should walk, tea adventurer who stands for good, but could lose a loved one at any moment. Or the Noble woman who marries to save her sister from a vicious man, drunk with power, and struggle to change the lands from behind his tight grasp.

Bane belongs to me~
and yus this is an example of a colored dnd sketch guys~ in case you saw mah add and are curious to get one yourself ^^

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    hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk yes this character is beautiful!

    Wonderful work

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      ^____^ eeep yay thankies~ happy dance
      shes my first dnd game character, n i fuckin love her~

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        eeeeeee! Even better! I'm glad your first one is one you like. My first campaign was a dumpsterfire, but the good ones spawn characters and stories that last a good long time <3 I hope you have fun playing her!