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Time Turner Adopts ::1 Open C:: by FsMaverick

Time Turner Adopts ::1 Open C::


5 April 2017 at 22:50:14 MDT

Here we have some adopts looking for homes ^^ these are my new babies, I'm calling them Time Turners ~
this is the first batch for the month. If you'd like to claim one feel free to read the rules and comment below ~

::Adopts rules::

  • adopts are at a set price, no haggling plz ^^
  • these are $48 each
  • you many buy as many adopts as you'd like at one time
  • comment below tieh "i would like to buy A" (or B or C or etc) so i know you're serious about snagging one ~
  • this species are closed, please don't make your own ^^
  • no trades unless you have a silkbun or an Eeray to trade ~
  • all adopts are first comment first serve -once you buy they are 100% yours (read the TOS at bottom for more info) -you will receive the high rez unwatermarked file, then this baby is all yours to do what you please with them~


:: Current Status ::

A - Dust Glass - Foxra
B - Ink Glass - Taken by anonymous
C - Sand Glass - OPEN
D- Blood Glass - MsFrostFire

these are all gender neutral at the moment~ owner can decide their sex themselves ^^

:: Species info ::

Time Turners are rare solitary creatures that live inside hour glasses. Their hour glasses are often prized by merchants and sorcerers, and they never sold, as it's said to bring their owners fortune and good luck.
Once the hour glass is tipped over the time turner appears and time for them is slowed, as well as for whoever turned the hourglass over. They then choose to give a bit of their magic to the person who tipped them over, for a price of course~

:: Hourglass contents ::
Sand – controls time around you, stop time, or push it forward or backwards.

Water – gives you one of the abilities of the elements, fire, lightning, water, earth, wind, psychic, or arcane
Blood – controls the span of time for living things, can bring things back from the dead, or take someone to the underworld/Heavens before their time.
Ink – time stands still for you, and you’re given inspiration in any form of creation, like painting, music, writing, sculpture, photography, theater dance, n yes even video games n programing them~
Dust – gives you the ability of flight, charm, transmutation of objects or lengthening you lifespan (you’re not immortal tho, so watch for falling rocks ^_-)
Cosmos – Can travel through space and time as a whole ~ exploring the universe and alternate dimensions.

:: Shapeshifters ::
Time turners are able to change their appearance, their standard form has a humanoid like face, long tail big feathered ears and an hourglass at the tip of their tail. but if a Turner chooses, they can change their appearance and gender anyway they fancy. they tend to keep to their original color schemes, but they always have an hourglass like tattoo somewhere on their body when they change their form.


TOS info here

THE TOS !! (terms of service ^_-)
By purchasing an adoptable from me, you agree to the following:

-Upon purchasing, you own the character. the character becomes 100% yours. You may do whatever you wish with them. (writes stories, small changes to their appearance, use them for RPs, make an Flist, resell them if you've not used them, give them as a birthday gift to a friend, pretty much anything you'd like to do with them you can, they're your babies now )

  • you are buying the right to the character and their appearance, you don't own the species, and do not claim to have draw the pic that i drew shakes finger at chu

  • if you do choose to resell an adopt, for whatever the reason, sell them for less than or equal their purchase value, of what you bought them for (unless you have a bunch of art from other artists to go along with the charcter) and be sure to credit me for the initial design as well as the art i drew. (that's :icon fsmaverick: without the space )

-Please do not make "families" or "babies" of the adopts if they are part of one of my closed species. you can breed them with another one of your existing characters, but please don't make your own design of one of my species. ^^

  • Please credit me for the design where necessary. with either a link back to the original, my icon or my name (as in :icon fsmaverick: or :link fsmaverick: just take out the space ^^) you only need to credit me for the species/art of the original pic by me ^^

-Trading or gifting the adopt is fine, but if possible I'd like to be notified of where it goes (not necessary, but it would be appreciated, as I'd like to change who the character belongs to on the deviation to prevent any confusion~)

  • You may use your adopt for commercial work, BUT you can not use my art commercially unless you've commissioned it for commercial purposes.

  • I still retain the right to post the art of the adoptable in my gallery/portfolio. I will credit ownership of the character to whomever bought them, of course!

feel free to comment below with questions~

The END~

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